Well... to all of you a very happy new year!

Just back from Bermuda. A little windy but not as harsh as the wintery blast endured by all here on the NY eastern seaboard! Looking forward to a great 2011.

All the very best from us!

Lee, Susie and Julian!

9/12/2010 // Website!  Well, as I write, this is the NEW website almost finished.

It will be officially launched on January the 1st 2011! I am finally thrilled to have this going.

10/12/2010 // Recording initial tracks for “Madelaine” Right now I am using DODs drum tracking

mixed with live percussion. I also plan to use Peter Seidlaczek’s String Essentials - my new string interface!

I love Stu’s music - his only album released in 1973 had 3 turntable hits on it. “Madelaine” being one of them.

Stu’s version is primarily piano driven with his beautiful arpeggiated runs.

My version is going to be a guitar/rhythm treatment. More to come on Stu Nunnery - in 2011!

Behind the Music // “Bhangra Blue”

This song was originally a tongue-in-cheek song called “Eleanor”. Sort of a follow on to McCartney’s famous Eleanor Rigby.  The idea was shelved for obvious reasons but I always liked the music - so i resurrected it and changed the lyric. It always had an Indian/Harrison-esque

tone to it,  so I went with a sort of “India meets the Blues”  I love Indian instruments - particularly the drone of Tambura - featured in the song.

It is also the first song where I use the Fernandes Monterey and specifically the sustainer (in the bridge lead piece).

INTO 2011


I originally recorded this song 4 years ago.  A hauntingly somber song from Nick’s  last album “Pink Moon”

“Parasite” I believe was written, like much of Nick’s stuff, as an observation of life - in this case about homeless people - as always he

was an empath to that slightly darker side of life and we live these observations through him. Nick always managed to do this in a strangely beautiful way.

The song has always been a favorite of mine. This year I remixed it  and added some more “bits” including a reverse guitar effect

that I felt was fitting. As well as a few other fiddly bits! Nick’s material is dangerous territory in terms of covering a song - it’s almost impossible to do it exactly like him - that was his magic. So - you put your stamp on it.

Here are some links you my like:

• Nick Drake website - CLICK HERE

• An amazing musician I found on YouTube who covers him beautifully - CLICK HERE

23/12/2010 // Off to Bermuda or Xmas Hols!

Susie, Julian and I are off to one of our favorite places! Pix to come.

20/6/2010 // Summer with Steve Hackett!

Steve is an amazing guitarist. Most people are familiar with him from his Genesis days. In the early 80s I got to see him perform when he was full throttle into building his solo career. Now, 30 years later, again in June on his first US tour in 6 or so years! His latest release “Out of the Tunnels Mouth” is fantastic. Susie and I got to spend some time with him and see a performance in Westhampton, NY.

A fantastic evening. I then managed to catch him one more time before he headed back to the UK  performing an acoustic show!

You may not know that he has also been a prolific “classical” performer -  Recommend : “Metamorpheus” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. I have included a link to his website on my LINKS page! If you buy OOTTM, strap yourself in for quite a ride!

Steve is responsible for my love of the Fernandes sustainer!

Behind the Music // “Songs from the Shelf”

Many people have asked me about my older material - I plan to post a collection of these songs that I have affectionately referred to over the years as “Songs from the Shelf”. I will post these in the player on the music page and post a more detailed blog on the songs and musicians who contributed to them. Who knows a CD one day?

“Behind the Music” - Making “Parasite”

I first was torn whether to record this song or “Harvest Breed” - two favourites of mine from “Pink Moon”. Finally settling on “Parasite”.

Firstly, I had to come to terms with just doing it in a way that  I felt would be ‘my’ version but still have the air of a Nick Drake song. The tuning, like many of his songs is not in standard EADGBE but rather CGCFCE. Traditionally the song in 6/8 time was picked. I strummed the guitar, making it more rhythmic. I used a Chamberlin Cello in the verses and Chamberlin strings in the chorus. I felt this added that slight discordant sound that is inherent to Mellotrons and appropriate to Nicks song. I am also using an MX4 pad sound as an accent  heard in the first bar of the song. The reverse guitar effect is used in the chorus giving the song a uniquely additional ‘odd-ness’.

The vocals were intended to be somewhat ‘whispered’. This was naturally the way Nick sang to a degree. I double-tracked the vocals in the chorus.

Strangely, I used my Ovation electro-acoustic guitar but I mic-ed it instead of plugging it in. Not sure why i did this ! Oh well!

Lovely song. WIll one day attempt another.

© lee gobbi