Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011

I remember going to my Mum’s house in Suffolk in 1975 and finding a copy of “Ferguslie Park”

in the record pile. I loved that record - my first introduction to “Steelers Wheel” and the wonderful

songwriting of Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty. Fantastic, well-crafted songs with an unmistakable

Beatle flavour yet a unique distinctness that eventually propelled Gerry in the 1980s.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who listens to the radio having not heard either “Stuck in the Middle”

or “Baker Street” but many casual listeners probably will have not heard many of Gerry’s other

fabulous songs that went under the  musical radar - - “Whatever’s Written in your Heart”, “The Ark”,

“Late Again”, “Moonlight and Gold” or the beautifully haunting “Over My Head” which appeared

originally on “Ferguslie Park” and then on his solo album “Over My Head”.

Gerry possessed a distinct voice and a classic songwriting ability threaded with his Scot roots.

Undoubtably - “City to City” ranks high on the list, but “Over My Head”  is a fantastic album.

Here are some links to videos.

YouTube  “Baker Street”

YouTube  “Steeler’s Wheel”  “Star”

Gary Moore 1952-2011

An amazing player who was respected by his peers and somewhat sadly under-rated

by us listeners. “Thin Lizzy” and Solo

YouTube “Still Got the Blues”

Jon Lord 1941-2012

Take a Hammond Organ, twinned with a Leslie and add Jon Lord! You’ve got a masterpiece!

Jon’s classical background applied to Rock music is unmistakable. His sound was the driving force

of Deep Purple. There’ll never be anyone like him.

Paco De Lucia 1947-2014

One of my heroes! And probably, arguably the greatest guitarist in the world!

Paco’s body of work is amazing! His playing is nothing short of frightening!

Whilst recording my song “Hey, Magdalena” in 2014, I was trying to emulate

a flamenco style on the track - then... i just sat down and listened to Paco! I did my

best to emulate this master and realized you are never as good as you think you are -

A few weeks later not only was I listening to him, but we went on holiday to

Riveira Maya in Mexico, later to find that Paco was on holiday down the coast a bit

in Playa Del Carmen. I was saddened to find he had died of a heart attack at that time.

“Hey Magdalena” is dedicated to maestro Paco!

H R Giger 1940-2014

Well... if you happened to have seen Ridley Scott’s film ALIEN, then you know

all about Giger - a Swiss artist, who’s dark world with strange, alluring beauty

will demand your attention and probably give you some nightmares! It did me!

I first became familiar with him because of his cover art for Emerson Lake & Palmer’s

“Brain Salad Surgery” album. A fabulous painter and sculptor - none like him!

Johnny Winter

An amazing, and legendary player! His style was his own and the slide playing

simply elevated him to another level.

Richie Havens

The two things about this wonderful man are his amazing timbre to his voice and his singing - truly like honey with honeycomb! Secondly - his unusual way of playing  - the thumb over the top open tuned.

There are many people I would love to have met - he’s right at the top of the list. What a lovely man!

Jack Bruce

Many people don’t know that JB was the writer and primary singer of “Cream”! An eclectic and clever

man who has written some of Rock’s greatest songs.

I got to see him a few times... a hard, tough man -

but one who was passionate about the music and how

it sounded. Sadly missed - but I am excited to hear the

album he worked on before he passed.