New album! // Light at the end of the tunnel!

April 2013 .

I knew going into this project, it wouldn’t be easy... I’m a fussy person and that doesn’t help either. The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel.

3/4 complete! And now its the final stretch- - only 2 songs left to record and finish:

“Baby Phat” and “Hey Magdelena”

Album due for release this October/November.

The good thing about not being signed to a label is that you don’t have the threat of the producer or record company exec. kyboshing the whole thing or deciding that

one or two songs “Aren’t radio material”. Or in the words of some previously successful friends of mine, “Can you re-write that track and make it sound more

DISCO!!!” (I think The Stones and Rod Stewart are perhaps  the only ones who managed to actually pull that off!)

This album is a journey in many ways...

A reflection of my youth listening to progressive music; the desire to write that

ONE pop hit; my love of classical music and orchestration; reflections of power chord rock; entwined 12 string rhythms; thought provoking lyrics with a tongue-in-cheek edge ... and the beautiful sound of slide guitar - Harrison-esque!

It’s that “hard 1st album”

And... i’m already thinking about the next one!

So - hold onto the rail, mind the gap, and stay calm!

New album! // Update!

Sept 2013

Album due for release this November.

Well... nearly there. Last two songs in the works.

Recording to be finished this month, then off for the final master.

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