International Fandom!

August 2014

Some great response to the album. “Jango” internet radio is playing the music worldwide!! Thousands of fans with great reponse!

“Prose” to featured in “FireWorks” magazine!

August 2014

“Purple Prose” will be featured with and interview and CD sampler in the October edition 2014.

“Windhover” Demo’s in the works!

August 2014

I am already back in the saddle and working on demo tracks for the next CD to be called  “Windhover”

Stay tuned..., dong!

May 2014

Yes, yes... it’s finally a wrap!

“Prose” complete.

Well. Firstly, a sincere apology for all the hurtful, nasty, spiteful cruelty I’ve caused over the past year or so - a lot of mumbling talk of the album release, with

lots of excuses and no eye contact as i snivel into my pint of Black Sheep repeating myself shamefully - - BUT...

Now it’s all done... REALLY... not kidding.

I trotted off with my friend Steve into New Haven to shoot pictures of  “yours truly” for the record. The “Anchor” - a dusty, college pub that when full is impossible to deal with, but on a quiet Friday lunchtime - all was a “go”!   LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!

Album is mastered and... released!

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