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Windhover 2016


Lee is in the studio working on songs for his

second record, “Windhover”. The release date

will be announced as soon as details are known.

UK magazine “FIREWORKS” May edition #70

features “Prose” and an interview with Lee.

Details will be posted here.

Update... now being told it will be Issue #71.

Will post as soon as it happens.

Windhover (let the Songbird Fly)
Written about and for my late Aunt who lived her life in the north of England. She named her house at one time “Windhover” due to it being on a hill and it was a windy place. This song  is about that part of the world where i too was born.

Album notes...

Side Sleepers
In demo phase. A song about insomnia and that moment when you are half awake... your mind wandering, seeing things that aren’t there. The fantasy
and fear of the night world.

Love to Love Her
Recording. A song about looking for love

Recording . An airport metaphor of life and leaving.

Bonnie & Clyde
In demo . A modern day B&C two bank robbers in love and stealin’ their way out west.

What I meant to Say
In demo . A resurrected demo .

Mystery Man
In demo . Another resurrected demo - About our dark side

Girls from Venus
Recording . An alien love song! “It’s no surprise, they’re gonna fall in love”.

(Let’s all do the...) Paco Pinata
In demo . Inspired by EJ’s “Crocodile Rock”. My ‘south of the border’
family come up with their unique dance style.

If Love Just Lets Us Down
In demo . A ballad about trying to find out why love just falls apart.

BONUS TRACK: “Love is a RIver”