What a treat to have Pete sing on my record!

Pete is an amazing singer with an amazing musical curriculum vitae!


Pete was born in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England

1968 Andromeda, an emerging progressive rock group -

The following year they were approached by a Japanese producer to make a ‘pop’ single for release on the NEMS label on the proviso they changed their name to Promise.  The record was called ‘Just For You’, with ‘Nine to Five’ on the B-side.

With the demise of Promise, Pete embarked on a period of solo acoustic work and played at several folk venues and festivals around the country - he even sang some jazz with a small combo in London.

After a short spell of inactivity he joined the Steve Hackett Band  - the year was 1978.  Pete is extremely proud to be associated with what some consider to be the quintessential Steve Hackett recordings, namely ‘Spectral Mornings’ and ‘Defector’ - and he got to write ‘Sentimental Institution’ and ‘Hercules Unchained’ with Steve .

In 1982 Pete joined the Welsh-based progressive rock group Tall Story - sadly, only a handful of demo recordings, and a couple of dodgy photographs, exist from this “enjoyable” time ; take a look at the Tall Storypage.

Over the next few years Pete concentrated on songwriting and, in collaboration with the old Hackett bass-player, Dik Cadbury, penned several songs - some of which appear on Dik’s solo album, ‘About Time’.

In 2004 he appeared on Nick Magnus’ highly acclaimed ‘Hexameron’ album singing ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’ - music by Nick with lyrics by Dick Foster - and in 2010 joined Nick again on ‘Children of Another God’ for two more Magnus/Foster songs - ‘Doctor Prometheus’ and ‘Crimewave Monkeys’.

In between ‘Hexameron’ and ‘Children of Another God’, Pete and Nick got together to produce ‘Flat Pack’, an eclectic mix of rock, pop, folk, jazz, and prog!

2014 finds Pete working once again with his old mate Dik Cadbury and guesting on the new

Nick Magnus album, N’Monix.

Bass, Vocals

Dik is amazing! A simple email asking if he would play bass on my album

and he replied, “Sounds like fun!” Not only did he do that, but he sang

and even sent me violin tracks for one song! Just an incredible talent!

From a musical family, classically trained in childhood as a violinist and vocalist,

he organised his London singing lessons to coincide with attending rock and R&B gigs

at the Marquee Club.[1] He began playing career in 1971 with Jug-Folk band Totem.

He joined Decameron in 1973 following the release of their debut album 'Say Hello to the Band', initially as bassist, vocalist and fiddle player but later as a guitarist. On Decameron's demise in 1976 he opened the Millstream Recording Studio in Cheltenham.

He joined Pekoe Orange in 1978 but shortly after that auditioned for Steve Hackett's new touring band, which he subsequently joined, recording the studio albums 'Spectral Mornings' and 'Defector'. In 1980 Cadbury and Decameron lyricist Dave Bell formed the jingle company Orijingles and a retro pub band The Teenage Idols to showcase their songwriting talents, and in 1983 teamed up with former Manfred Mannsinger Mike d'Abo to form society party band Mike d'Abo's Mighty Quintet, still performing today.

He Also joined international party band Top Catz as guitarist and MD. Following Millstream’s closure in 1989, he branched out into voiceover work, photographic modelling and acting, dying in an episode of the BBC's Dalziel and Pascoe. He continues to write with Pete Hicks and Dave Bell as well as in his own right, occasionally performing solo. He has recorded and performed with numerous artists, including The Manfreds, Steve Ashley, Marcus Foster, The Dave Harper Band and many others.


Photos © Lois Hicks

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Born in Shipley, Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Lee is a self taught musician.

“I grew up listening to all kinds of music. My first guitar was a classical nylon string. I was always drawn to classical music and its interpretation on guitar. But... i also loved progressive rock... a strangely perfect match in a way”.

Lee has played in numerous bands in the US.  Starting with “Human Condition”  (1990s) and then eventually “The Chameleons”  (1998-2004) in Connecticut. A pop/blues cover band.

Lee has been writing and recording songs since 1979. His first recording being “Forever Marvelous Skies” written and recorded with drummer/friend Al Pileggi in 1980. “Yeh, I was trying to be a “Beatle” I suppose! Right down to singing like Lennon. We had some good recordings here and there - got my feet wet and it also taught me a lot about recording techniques.”

In the 90s, Lee recorded his first album “Odyssey”. “I was writing a lot on the piano then - i suppose I still do - as it’s a great instrument for doing that. I was pushing that aspect on this album and it was mostly a record of more epic pop/classical pieces.” The album featured co-writing and recording with keyboard/composer, Daniel Krausz who went on to work as a film/TV (ABC) composer.

In early 2005 Lee recorded “Songs from the Shelf”, a collection of  unreleased recordings.

“I kind of use this a s platform for my demos and ‘fiddling around’ songs - some of which i revisit and rework.

A sort-of musical ‘sketchpad’ if you will”.

“Purple Prose” came to find Lee working with Dik Cadbury and Pete Hicks -  Steve Hackett’s (Genesis, Solo) band mates from the 80’s albums “ Spectral Mornings” and “Defector”.

“Well, I simply called up Dik and asked if he’d play bass on my record? “sounds like fun - he said! And he did - amazing!”

“Purple Prose” was released on May 14th 2014 - worldwide.