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Lee’s new album released in May 2014 is available

in CD format and download.

(iTunes, Amazon, CD baby & Spotify)

9 songs including a haunting cover of

Nick Drake’s “Parasite”!

Well... its been a year since the release with great reception and internet airplay around the world ( Brazil, USA, UK, Germany and Italy) and... it was even played on Dutch FM radio!

I did an interview with UK magazine “Fireworks” (now to be available in the US and Canada).

The edition will be released
on October 20th, 2015
Issue #72.

It also has a CD sampler containing “Kill the King”

ORDER HEREcontact.htmlhttp://hackettsongs.sandbag.uk.com/shapeimage_1_link_0

Purple Prose” 2014 release


You can listen to “Purple Prose” in full on Spotify

Released in May 2014