In memorium!

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HACKETT // RIDGEFIELD // September 28th 2013


This tour focuses on Steve’s time with Genesis from 1971 to 1978.

The band is comprised of his own bandmembers

( Roger King/Keyboards, Gary O’Toole/Drums/Vocals, Rob Townsend/Sax/Flute/Percussion/Keyboards) and some newer talent who contributed to the recording of GR2 ( Nad Sylvan/Vocals and Lee Pomeroy/Bass/Guitar).

The evening was filled with songs spanning the albums of Steve’s tenure. Without a doubt hand picked favorites! Tightly performed, a mix of  songs originally handled by Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins - sang with as much energy and flair as the originals. Encased in the intricate five to twelve minute storied compositions that became the Genesis trademark.

I sat there in awe at the whole thing and looked around to see the ‘sold out’ crowd in Genesis heaven! What an evening!

For more about Steve Hackett:

(Left to Right)

Steve with 12 string - “ The Musical Box”

Steve with Fernandes Burny.

Steve and Band (L-R)

Roger King, Rob Townsend, Nad Sylvan, Steve,

Lee Pomeroy, Gary O’Toole

Photos © Walker Burns  //

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Remembering a

dear friend who

passed after a

long and brave

battle with cancer.

Barbara Lindwall. 1970 - 2015