My studio is comprised of an iMAC g5 QUADCORE computer. I record using a MOTU DP7 DAW.

The system is augmented with numerous plug-ins

I mostly use my two Fernandes guitars for recording - both are equipped with the “Sustainer System”

The Les Paul model has the regular FS101 sustainer with the  natural and harmonic modes while the

“Revolver Classic” (looks a bit like a cross between a Strat and a Telecaster) has a 3 way sustainer switch

with the middle being the mix mode of the natural and harmonic modes together! This guitar also has a coil

switch achieving a very good coil pickup sound.

I love these guitars - amazing play-ability and feel. Steve Hackett is the reason I fell in love with Fernandes!

  1. 1990 Alvarez Yairi Nylon 6 string    //    2009 Alverez 12 string acoustic

  2. 2005 Martin DM 6 string    //   1989 Ovation 6 string Elite Electro-Acoustic

  3. 1994 Fender Stratocaster ( modified with a Duncan Seymour humbucker and a Fernandes sustainer)

• 1915 Steinway M Baby Grand Piano

  1. 2014 Yamaha 88 Key weighted Keyboard and an M Audio 88 Key Semi-weighted keyboard

Most guitar recording is done through WAVES’ GTR interface - an unbelievable amp modeling system!

1970 Fender twin reverb.

TC Electronic G-Major 2 - A fantastic rack unit.

Tech 21 Sans AMP - great guitar crunch pedal.

Tech 21 Roto Choir - a very good leslie simulator

Line 6 Delay - DL4

Yamaha NS-10M near-fields, and JBL M4411 reference monitors.

VOX guitar pedals - Satriani drives, wah pedal.